What happens during class?

Ten to Twelve families are led through a series of songs, dances and fingerplays by a trained teacher, who promotes the idea of learning music through play. You'll experience small movement/lap songs, large movement dancing and bouncing songs as well as quite a bit of percussive instrument play. We use shakers,drums, rhythm sticks, jingle bells, plus a lot more to supplement the music making. The emphasis is on participation - not performance!


What is expected of my child?

 Absolutely nothing! We don't expect the children to sit in the circle. They are free to move about and explore and participate (or not!) at their own pace and in their own way. we honor all learning styles. Very often children come to our classes and just sit and stare- but when they are home in their own environment, they sing and dance and wiggle like crazy! We encourage adults to just sit back and have fun with the music and to not worry that the children aren't doing what they "should" In fact, there are no shoulds  in Music Together®!


What is expected of me?

We just expect adults to have fun! We know that young children learn by watching and imitating the primary people in their lives. By singing and dancing joyfully, you're sending a clear message to your child that music is something everyone can enjoy. It doesn't matter if you can sing in tune or dance with accuracy. Just have fun!

 Why are there children of different ages in one class?


Music together is based on the philosophy that a mixed age classroom is the most powerful learning environment for young children. In a mixed-age class, you'll see babies learning from toddlers, toddlers learning from preschoolers, preschoolers learning from grown-ups and parents and caregivers happy that they can be a model as well as a bonding experience for the whole family. There aren't many programs where sibling's can take a class together and it works so wonderfully!That is why we say The Joy of Family Music®!


What do you do about germs?

All of our teachers make sure instruments and props are clean before class. We primarily use alcohol and we also keep alchohol wipes out and available to our families just in case they want to give an extra wipe. We also have plenty of hand sanitizer! In addition to alcohol we use UV wands and some essential oil sprays for extra protection. Our teachers are constantly washing their hands and we hope our families are too! We have started to wipe down door knobs to our classrooms as well! We ask that families use our makeupscheduler and stay home if there is any question that they or their child are ill. We feel confident that our classrooms are cleaner than most homes or businesses -but we all have to work together!