Our Teachers

All of our teachers are passionate about music and the development of children.

They create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

We love what we do!

photo Leslie Lucas

Leslie Lucas is the Founder and Center Director of Music Together® of Summit and Chatham. And more recently is also the Director of Music Together of Montclair. She has been teaching and running MT Centers for over 20 years. She is a singer, songwriter and has played jazz vibes for many years. Her songs have been recorded by various artists and the television show Fame. She plays piano and a little guitar. Leslie is a mother of daughter Lisa and son, Julian who is a Music Together Graduate!

photo Jessica Temlock-Fields

Graduating from college as a vocal performance major, Jessica has recently been working as a Reading Recovery teacher for first grade. She has many years of classroom teaching experience. Last year, her life changed when she introduced her third baby to Music Together. It was the first class for both of them, and her entire family has benefited from the experience. Jessica loves to share a love of music with other families so that they, too, can find a way to incorporate music into their everyday lives.

photo Carolyn Dempsey

Carolyn Dempsey is originally from Nebraska, but left the midwest to attend the College of William and Mary, earning a degree in Russian and Spanish. She moved to New York to study theatre, and worked as an actress and singer for ten years. One of her "day jobs" was teaching children's music programs in the city and entertaining at birthday parties. Carolyn plays guitar, she is an avid tennis player, baker, and enjoys making music with her two young sons and daughter!

photo Laura Brenden

Laura is a vocalist, dancer and has studied voice and vocal performance at the New School as well as NYU. She has performed in both fields locally and has experience in all aspects of the theater. She loves to generate physical and musical responses in her children, both MT veterans, and is currently studying piano, much to their delight! She also holds a BS in Foreign Service and an MBA. She is fluent in Spanish as well. Laura has been teaching Music Together for many years and loves making music with our families!

photo Bryce Tempest

Bryce graduated from the Ithaca College School of Music with a degree in Cello Performance. He is currently studying Music Therapy at Montclair State University and teaches strings throughout northern New Jersey .  In addition, he performs in the tri-state area in a variety of ensemble settings and musical styles. While working with a music therapist in a pediatric hospital, Bryce was exposed to the incredible potential of music to support and promote early childhood development.  Bryce brings experience leading group music with a wide range of age-groups and is thrilled to be joining the Music Together teaching staff. 

photo Joan Ragno

Joan Ragno has been a Music Together teacher for over 13 years. Joan studied piano,flute, and voice and has performed with various choral organizations in the US and Europe. In addition, Joan holds a BA in International Studies and an MBA in Finance. She was a Music Together parent and is the mother of Joseph and Julia, both Music Together graduates. Joan plays piano and guitar, she also brings her flute to class sometimes and the kids love it!

  Amy Edelstein

Amy has been singing, dancing, and acting since she learned to talk. Coming from a musical family, she performed in professional theater as a teenager and went on to study at The Boston Conservatory of Music. After a career change, she became a psychotherapist and has been working to support and empower trauma survivors for the past fifteen years. Amy discovered Music Together classes with her two boys, Cody and Jake and decided to get back to her roots and complete the Music Together training. She is thrilled to teach, inspire, and make music with young children.